Storm Drive

The Storm Drive is one of Storm’s high-performance balls. The Storm Drive was produced in conjunction with PBA champion Jason Belmonte so you know this is one great ball with a monster hook that even a two-handed bowler can control, though a one-handed bowler can use this ball as well. The Storm Drive uses the same core as the Storm Timeless but with a different R2S Nano hybrid reactive coverstock, so in some ways it’s an update, in others an upgrade, but either way you look at it the Storm Drive compliments the Timeless. The Storm Drive is designed to tackle the heaviest of oil patterns but can also be used for medium patterns where you need length plus angle. The Storm Drive is a hard-hitting ball that comes factory finished at 3000 grit sanded for the surface with the aforementioned R2S Nano hybrid reactive coverstock. The Storm Drive also features the Dual Drive core with a symmetrical weight block that was found in the timeless that allows a bowler to use it on different lane conditions though it is best served to use when there’s some oil on the lanes. The fragrance is citrus mint, so it smells good too.

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